Happy Mothers Day

It's been a while now.
4 month to be exact. My life was so busy meanwhile and so much stuff happened that i just couldn't find the time to make another entry but hey, that's nothing new ;)
So now i made one again. About Mothers Day.
It was a nice and peaceful day with the family at my grandmas place in the woods.

Grandma spoiled us with her cheesecake and citrus roll and my dad heated up the barbeque.
We sat together and had a chat.
I roamed around Grandma's place, took photos and drobe around with my uncle on his new quad <3
It What a blast!


4 Kommentare:

  1. Ach Schatzl, da hast Du aber schöne Momente eingefangen! Danke!!

  2. Altah das Quad is ja ma geil! *A*
    Und der Kuchen sieht so lecker aus! Meine Oma hat mich heute morgen erstmal ausm Bett geklingelt xD
    Es sind sehr schöne Fotos geworden!

  3. jaa, das hat auch so Spaß gemacht <3
    Kuchen <3 <3