Make a Wish

-english post-
As i told you before in my review on 2016 i'll have to tell you something in the next couple of days and because i am not a very patient person and it's new years - i'll tell you now:

I made a wish last year.
I wanted to leave all the pain behind and start a happy life.
I wanted to get to know myself even better and for that i'll have to dig deep.
And where would that be? Right at the roots.

My heart had been aching to go back to Australia eversince i landed there for the first time in 2002.
As i landed and drove along the tropical sights of Cairns i started crying and just knew:
"this is it!"
Nothing gave me a feeling like this eversince.
Australia is my homecountry and if i want to get to know myself better i'll have to go where it all started from. I'd have to go to Australia.

So as i finish my apprenticeship in February i'll be ready to go.
I won't be alone.
That's a beautiful thing.

Pina will come with me and explore this place <3

I am so thankful!

So, as i said in the video - Let's make the best out of the upcoming eight month and make memories together we will never forget, enjoy each others company
and make plans for a reunion in some other part of the world!


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