Being home at my parents house is so nice ever since puberty ended
and Mom, dad and i can be normal and relaxed around each other. :)
As you may have read i was at my parents place this weekend
to spend some time together and catch up on each others lifes.

After mom and i returned from our treasure hunt we took it easy, she layed down a little, i blogged and than we started preparing the barbeque in the evening.
Friends of mom and dad came around and we sat down on the terrace.
It was all very peaceful and tasty and the sun was just perfect so i had to get my camera outside <3





My dad made me a great gift! He gave me his old analog camera that he used to take pictures with when he lived in HongKong <3 so cute!



2 Kommentare:

  1. Total schöne Bilder. Bin richtig begeistert, hast ein gutes Auge und die Socken will ich auch;-)


  2. Danke liebe Jenny <3 Ich üb immer brav ^^ Fotografie ist Liebe <3