No rush

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Today i made the first few steps towards the big plans i announced in my latest post and actually started packing already.

What's the rush for?

I already sized down when i moved out of my old flat in November 2015 but i had to realize that i still have an awful lot of stuff. I mean, as much as i could have on 6qm.

Two weeks ago i threw out all the clothes i wouldn't take with me for sure and i didn't wear for at least a year and ended up selling these to my friends for a nice price. A lot of the things were favorites but ended up in the cupboard anyways so why wouldn't i give them to someone that would wear them?

I grabbed a box today.
That one box i'll keep at my mothers place.
It'll contain all the things i can not take with me but wouldnt want to sell or throw away.
My most precious things.
But to find them i had to search through my room.

I put up a camera for this for you to enjoy.

In the end i realized how hard it was to say goodbye to a lot of things which made me really thoughtful about materialism and the "need to own stuff" or collect it and why i have so much things i wouldn't touch and still concider myself a free person..

In the end i am really happy i'm starting this now because it'll give me a lot of time to find new places for the things and make up my mind in absolute peace about "what i really need"

Tomorrow my first trekking backpack will arrive and i'll be able to practice my packing.
Remember, this is the last bag i am packing and taking with me. It'll need a lot of concideration.

I am ready!

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