Let me give you an Update!

People are coming up to me, saying "Hey, i heard you‘re leaving. What‘s that about?"
Well, let me give you and Update!

As i told you on the first day of this fabulous year i‘ll finally be taking off to Australia in August.
And as i told you as well, i won‘t be doing that on my own.
So the last time went to visit my dear friend and travel companion Pina, i took my camera with me to introduce her on my Youtubechannel.
I was quite anxious about her reaction but see it for yourself:

The good news just came crashing in.
After i worked so hard and so much that i thought it'd all collapse above me, my mother came up with a message that left my bawling my eyes out:

Now it was almost set.
the backpack i was longing for, finally arrived and i started packing it for the first time.
Fun fact by the way: This backpack is going to be the main storage on this journey.
I‘ll have one small piece of hand luggage with all my technical devises (very close by, so noone throws and crashes anything) and that's it.
That's one big challenge for me.

I feel great and adventurous when i put it on.
I went to Hannover to finish my last duty, my exam to become a therapist.
It was a 6 day exam and every day was important.
By the end of the week i knew it:

I graduated!That was the last thing i was working for in Germany.
The last anchor i'd had put in the ground, looking at my profession.
And when i came back to my mom‘s place the next step was laying on the table.

It was time to book a flight!
Well, at least we tried (german video)

The next things we need to do is to get Pina a Visa and me a new australian Passport and book our flights to Amsterdam and Australia.
Nothing lights us up more right now.
We both told our bosses, which went good and bad but it doesn't kill us, because the thought of travelling so far out and experience a whole new life; free, wild and adventurous clears away any dark thought. We are ready! <3 Let‘s go and get away!

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